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You Better Watch Out (2017)

mixed-media installation with sponge balls, PVC plastic, inflatable snow globe, Internet protocol camera system
218 × 330 × 260 cm.

Shown @ "Reversal Ritual", De Sarthe Gallery




1. Scan the QR code inside the ball.

2. Click *Here*.

3. Bing! You will see yourself in the video! You are watching yourself being watched!



Through a playful use of childhood themes, Mak Ying Tung 2 utilzies colorful balls spinning around a giant snow- globe to pull viewers into her artwork. Although the piece at first seems to be a humorous spectacle, canny viewers will notice QR codes among the piles of sponge balls and can trigger the final element of the artwork. If a visitors scans one of these QR codes, they are brought to a live streaming video of themselves looking at their phones, standing in front of the artwork. This installation contemplates not only everyday objects and materials, but highlights the troubling duality between contemporary modes of entertainment and the growth of surveillance states across the globe.