☞Mak Ying Tung☜

All works © makyingtung 2016

Glossy!Shiny!Fertility 5.9.2015 - 5.11.2015 @ starprojects

Glossy! Shiny! Fertility!” is the first group exhibition of starprojects, a novel art space located in Shatin, Hong Kong. The gallery enjoys an impressive space of 8000 square feet with a ceiling height of 7 meters. After a year of preparation, the inauguration is finally scheduled in September. As an introduction to a trilogy, the exhibition will present 6 emerging Hong Kong and mainland artists, including: Man Chan, Huang He, Liu Yin, Ma On Yee, Mak Ying Tung and Eason Tsang.

Emerging arts are actively appealizing and technicalizing themselves. They connive with fashion and its fascination, and collude with luxury and its luster. Art is rapidly dermarized, like how our city is materialized. The apparent glossiness, shininess and activeness is enough to prove how favourable and healthful it is to live in our society. The capitalized aesthetics (Glossy! Shiny! Fertility!) manifested through the works of the artists suggested the absent of a kind of intrinsic suffering. Art, in its presented form, no longer makes its observation with reference to the history of thought. Their interplay with vanity affirmed their value, and their worth is set in concrete under the monetized system and the globalized market. The rendering to shallow pompousness is the reality that we witness. Through refreshing themselves, artists actively construct their own world, allowing their art to speak for their delusion. All the world's future is becoming better. Living within the faultless world, our origin of suffering become obscured. Pain is indeed an imagination. Art reaches to ensnare us with its proliferation. A painless world is maintained under the perpetual production of contemporary art.