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Feeding the Multitude


3D printed crystals, single-channel video, rug, UV light

Dimensions variable


Mak2’s multimedia installation Feeding the Multitude comprises a heap of 3D-printed crystals and a projected video of running codes. Borrowing the religious belief that Chinese gods bring good fortune, the artist invites a Fengshui master to perform a consecration ritual (Kaiguang) on a digital file that contains the 3D model of a crystal. With the file, the artist prints out a mound of minuscule sculptures, all of which theoretically carrying the master’s blessing. Played on a loop, innumerable codes run from the ceiling down, across the wall, and onto the pile of printed sculptures. The projection consists of codes generated from the crystals’ 3D model file and from the audio recording of the Kaiguang ritual. While the initial ceremony was performed only on the digital file, the notion that its effect will transfer onto any subsequent products suggests that value will exist as long as it is believed as such. By translating the Fengshui master’s blessing into an array of different physical forms and media, the installation alludes to the replicability of faith.