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Realized Silly Idea #1: Physicality (2018)

emmental Cheese, heating mattress

Unrealized Silly Idea #1: Putting cheese on an electric mattress (2018)

Material Required : A lot of cheese and an electric mattress

Physicality I and Physicality II can be understood as a linear continuation of Relic, featuringhouse-hold electrical appliances of the present era. Through challenging these devices in unconventional and comical ways, Mak Ying Tung 2 hopes to illustrate our never-ending desires for machines to accomplish increasingly complicated tasks. In Physicality I, a piece of cheese is placed on a heating mattress that warps the shape of the cheese throughout the show. In Physicality II, two Dyson fans, one using a heating mode and the other using a cooling mode, work together to shift the color of thermal paper that is responsive to fluctuations in temperature.