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Mak Ying Tung (b.1989, Hong Kong) was educated at the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Critical Intermedia Art. Her work examines the fundamental properties of familiar objects and materials. Working in sculpture and performance, she reforms objects and situations as sources of humour and curiosity. In her recent solo show balloons were altered to perform strange tasks; to shatter, a contradiction to the very idea of a balloon, as in No I insist (2014), or to resist an impossible force, as in No One Wins (2014). Such alterings reflect an acute sense of observation and sensitivity; a deceptive simplicity and precise presentation that disclose Mak's peculiar sense of humour and a consciousness of the absurd. Her deadpan presentation does not only aim to make the viewers laugh but prompt them to review their perception to the world and to look at what lies underneath the surface of their surroundings.




Born in Hong Kong




BA (Hons) in Creative Media, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong


Solo Exhibitions


COMEINSIDE: EAT ME, PingPong 129, Hong Kong

COMEINSIDE: BABY SHOWER, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong



Hoca Foundation: Art-it, Mak Ying Tung, Bibo, Hong Kong



Almost Empty, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong

Fotanian Open Studios 2014, Hong Kong



Funny Stationery, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong


Group Exhibitions


Marching in Circles, Long March, Beijing

Reversal Ritual, De Sarthe gallery, Hong Kong



Fashion ID, K11, Hong Kong

Artists’ Film International, Whitechapel Gallery, London

Bori Bunder, VT Station Platform 8, Mumbai



The 2nd "CAFAM-Future" Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

Sparkle! regarding lightness: On Life's Way, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong

Under The Influence, Floor 5 1/2, Hong Kong

After/Image, Studio 52, Hong Kong

The 2nd "CAFAM‧Future" Exhibition: OBSERVER – CREATOR, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Basel Exhibition, L0 Gallery, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong

Glossy! Shiny! Fertility!, StarProjects, Hong Kong

LEAP Pavilion "Coming Image", Photo Shanghai, Shanghai

LEAP Pavilion "I’ll Be Your Wallpaper", Asia Now Paris, Paris



Artistic or Autistic --The Seventh Annual Exhibition, Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing

Shampoo Whatever #1, The A-lift Gallery, Hong Kong



Regarding Lightness- The Weight of Lightness: Bio-gravity, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong

BOING! Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

SOFT OFF (but I love it when your mouth is a little shut), ltd los angeles, Los Angeles

The SCM annual 2013, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong



Cool kids, Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

Media Art & The Environment : The Desert Metropolis, School of Creative Media, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong




House of Sound, School of Creative Media, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong

CIL Bulletin, Best Before, Gallery, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity



Micro Narratives: Invented Time & Space, Blue Room, Hong Kong



Awards& Artist Residencies


Creative Media Award, The SCM Annual 2013, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong



Bori Bunder @ [En]counters 2016 - Hong Kong X Mumbai Art Exchange Project, Mumbai


Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing